Mission Statement

Our purpose is to help facilitate change through the increased participation of conservative voters everywhere. Here you'll find ways to contact your representatives and support them, the latest news and opinion, and conservative minded merchandise. While the net proceeds from the sale of all merchandise will go to conservative candididates (not to exceed the legal limits, of course) We encourage all visitors to actively support the conservative candidate of their choice through the GOP or Tea Party Affiliation.


This site exists to benefit conservative causes through discourse, dissemination of voter information, and through contributions derived from the sale of merchandise. The owner of this site has no direct association with any of these vendors. We do not sell merchandise nor do we guarentee product. We are simply an affiliate for the vendors contained within, and as such receive a small percentage of each sale resulting from your visit to this website and eventual purchase. 100% of the net proceeds from all affiliate referral fees will be donated directly to conservative candidates and causes up to what is legally acceptable by law.

Please note:
We do our best to investigate each vendor before agreeing to include their merchandise within our pages but we cannot guarantee your satisfaction with their product and we are not responsible for any harm created by their product. While we cannot remedy a dispute you have with any of these vendors, please notify us should you have a problem with any of the vendors who's merchandise is included in these pages. We will examine our relationship with them and terminate that relationship if there is demonstrated due cause.